[Character Stats and Advancement]

            A character’s stats determine the level of ability a character has to perform tasks, attack, defend and use magic as-well-as what weapons and armor they can equip. A stat’s level determines what dice to roll when doing an action associated with a specific stat and what modifier to add to that roll. With them being so central to game-play it’s easy to see why a character’s stats are so important in Fractured Hope.

STR: Strength - physical damage and abilities that rely on physical strength and power.
END: Endurance - defense, health points and abilities that rely on constitution and fitness.
FNS: Finesse - physical ranged attacks and abilities that rely on manual and social dexterity.
INT: Intelligence - magic and abilities that rely on mental fortitude, intelligence and perception.

Stat Level
Every stat has a level associated with it. This level is a base modifier for most dice rolls in the game, meaning it is added to stat rolls for most actions. On the character sheet the bubbles next to each stat indicate the stats level. Each large bubble has a number inside. If a large bubble is filled in, the number inside that bubble indicates the stats level. For clarity, a stat level (stat lvl) box is to the left of each character stat and players are encouraged to copy that stats level into the box.

Rolling Stat Dice
            Every stat has a set of dice associated with it depending on the stats level. The set of dice is indicated on the character sheet above each Stat Bubble (more on Stat Bubbles in the Character Advancement section).
            When a player is asked to roll a stat they will check the dice labeled above that stats level indicated by the large bubble they have filled in.
            Example: A player is asked to make an INT Roll. The player checks their character sheet and sees they have an INT level of 3. The dice above the level 3 large bubble is labeled ‘2d8’ indicating to the player that they should roll 2 eight-sided dice.
            Almost everything within Fractured Hope makes use of Stat Dice and Stat Levels and player should familiarize themselves with these two concepts early on.

Health Points
            A character’s Health Points (HP) represents how much damage they can take before being knocked-out and potentially die.
            When creating a character the player rolls 1dX+10, 1dX being the die described in the ‘Starting HP’ section under each class. Every time your character gains a level roll the 1dX+END Level and add that to your current HP.

            Players advance their character's level by successfully completing objectives set up by the Game Master. As a character advances they will grow in skill and power and be able to take on more complex and dangerous tasks.

Experience, Boxes and Checks
On the character sheet, above the stat section, there is an experience tracker labeled EXP. The tracker contains 5 boxes which are used to track the characters experience. Every time an objective that the Game Master set in front of the character is completed a check mark is put into one of the boxes. Once all 5 boxes have a check in them the character earns the right to fill in a bubble next to one of their stats.

Stat Bubbles
As stated in the above section Experience, Boxes and Checks players earn the right to fill in a bubble next to a stat once 5 check marks have been earned. The stat a player decides to increase is purely up to them, with bubbles being filled in starting from the left and moving right.
You may have noticed that there are two different sized bubbles next to the stats, large bubbles and small bubbles. Large bubbles, when filled, increase that stats level by 1 and may also increase the size of the dice the players get to roll when using that stat. Small bubbles are inserted to slow the leveling of higher stat levels, making it take more time and thus be more rewarding when a player finally earns those higher levels within a stat. These small bubbles are found in-between two large bubbles and must be filled before the next large bubble can be filled for that stat. One small bubble can be found between stat levels 3 and 4, with two small bubbles between stat levels 4 and 5.

Gaining Character Levels
A character’s level is tied directly to how many large bubbles they have filled in, not including the four they start with. Every time a player fills in a large bubble next to a stat their character gains 1 character level. As a character levels they will unlock new abilities within their class and increase their health points.

The maximum level a character may obtain is ten (10).

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