[Tasks and Obstacles]

            Inevitably players will be faced with some task or obstacle that will require a chance of success. This could include lying to a guard, picking a lock or climbing a wall. Determining the success of these actions is rather simple with Game Masters needing to take very little into consideration when creating and resolving the task.
            A quick approach would go as follows:
                                                  1.  Determine what the player wishes to do or accomplish.
                          2. Decide on the action and the Stat that accompanies that action and if there are any items                               necessary to accomplish the task.
                                         3. Choose a Target Number from the Success Table (there’s only 3 to choose from).
                               4. Have the player roll the dice associated with Stat and add their Stat Level.
                                                   5. Narrate the outcome.
Example: A player needs to enter a building but the doors are heavily guarded. The player decides that instead of fighting their way in they would rather attempt to scale one of the buildings walls to an exposed balcony (of which this building has many). Based on the action the player wishes to undertake the Game Master could determine that climbing is a STR based action. Taking into consideration the player’s Stat Level (maybe a STR of 2) the GM sets the target number at 9+. The player is then asked to roll their STR and add their STR Level. If their roll is at least a nine they would successfully scale the wall and get onto the balcony. If not, the Game Master would narrate their failure as they see fit.

            Failing an action like in the example above does not mean the player cannot make a further attempt. The number of attempts is referred by the Game Master with amount of time taken into consideration (maybe the failure creates some noise and a guard patrols the area as a response).

            There are tasks that require the use of specific items. Below is a list of actions and the items that required before they may be attempted. Game Masters, this list is not comprehensive and you should feel free to add to it or ignore it completely at your discretion.
*Table is in progress and far from complete*
Open Locks
Thieves Tools
Disarm Traps
General Tool Kit or Trap Kit
All items necessary to create replica

Use the following table to set difficulty and target number for non-combat oriented tasks or obstacles. The table is divided up into 3 tiers in order to consolidate and simplify the number ranges players have to work with. Each tier has two stat levels associated with it that should be taken into consideration by a GM when setting the difficulty of a task. This can be done simply by looking at the players character sheet and deciding if the task is something that should be accomplishable for that players skill or not.
One note; when a player is at the higher end of the tier in terms of stat level, they do have a chance of succeeding against the target number set for the tier above them. Game masters need to take this into consideration when choosing which target number to use.

0 – 1
2 – 3
4 - 5

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