Friday, May 20, 2016


Welcome to the Fractured Hope RPG blog and rules repository! Fractured Hope is a high fantasy role-playing game that has been in production on-and-off again over the past 5 plus years. Our goal is to make a rule accessible game, which doesn't mean rules light but rather rules that are streamlined that don't get in the way while playing.

There is no set update schedule and thus no set deadline for completion. Feel free to use any information found here to play but please, do not copy, sell, or post anything found here as your own original work.

After a long hiatus, work on Fractured Hope is set to resume if at a leisurely pace. Here are some of the updates that will be implemented over time. A post on the Welcome page will be updated with every new iteration.

  • Drop the Grid
    • We will be losing the combat grid in favor of a GM / Player friendly system that utilizes "range bands". Range bands are centered on the player character and radiate outward with ranges including: Touching, Close, Medium, Long, and Very Long. The actual distances and how they will affect skills and abilities are still to be determined.
  • Narrative Die
    • We will be testing the implementation of a narrative die, or a die that has no pure mechanical / number value but purely one that adds flavor to the game session. This die will assist GMs in creating a dynamic and flavorful gaming experience for the players, as-well-as work to remind players that even when things seem to go your way something may always go wrong (or you may be more triumphant in your success!).
    • The narrative die will not replace the current opposition system but add to it. Only one die will be added and it will always be rolled when making a check.
There is a lot of testing and updating to be done with the implementation of these two new systems into Fractured Hope and we will keep you informed of our progress.